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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to convert paper files to digital images?

A. Since there are several factors to be considered, we need to know more about your particular requirements. A brief discussion or e-mail exchange can produce cost pricing estimates. The factors considered in determining pricing include the type of documents. Human Resource, Accounts payable, legal case files, Engineering files, to mention a few, are all different and their costs per page will vary. If after a brief discussion, the costs seem to satisfy your objectives, we can confirm our estimates with some more extensive work on our part. We would ultimately provide you with sample images produced from a sampling of your files to further confirm our mutual understanding. We do not charge for the testing.

Q. Does Graphic Sciences have the experience and appropriate procedures in place to make sure that they can meet my requirements?

A. Graphic Sciences has been providing imaging services for business and government since 1987. We have an excellent reputation for quality work at affordable pricing and have an impressive list of satisfied customers. When we know more about your particular requirements, we can match you with references that match your profile.

Q. How will I know you can meet my quality expectations?

A. Our job is to produce readable images that can be retrieved on demand. To produce high quality images at an affordable price, we must employ automation to the process. However, no two projects are alike. In some cases image quality can vary from image to image. All test images (and production images) are processed through our quality control procedures to be sure that “poor” images are re-scanned at a more appropriate setting.

There is no charge for the test and we send the images to you for your approval. Once that process is complete, you have a set of images that serves as a “benchmark” for the actual work performed.

Q. Is a formal contract required?

A. For smaller projects, no. Our customers range from individuals that have as few as one file to projects consisting of millions of images. Larger projects are formalized by either a contract drafted by the client or documented by a Statement of Work that we produce that simply outlines buyer and seller responsibilities.

Q. How do I get the documents to you?

A. We receive work from all over the country. We provide pickup and delivery and we also receive work via UPS, FedEx, and U.S. Mail. If you do arrange to have us produce sample images, and wish to send them via a delivery or mail service, please let us know when to expect them. We track all shipments and will contact you when it arrives.

Paper Scanning

Conversion of Paper Documents to Digital Images.

We all want the information we need immediately and from anywhere. Converting paper files to digital can provide that and more.

Paper Scanning

Some of the costs savings attained by an investment in converting paper files to digital are obvious. Labor, space, filing equipment and supplies can all be virtually eliminated but the intangible savings may even deliver more return on investment. Having access to information formerly stored on paper available in seconds improves customer service, improves morale, and adds to the competitive edge.

Graphic Sciences has provided document conversion services for virtually every type of organization and application. However, the benefits are common to all.

They are as follows:

  • Reduced labor cost associated with filing, retrieving and re-filing of paper files.
  • Reduced space required to store paper files and manage their continuous movement through the office as new files are generated.
  • Greater file security. Digital images are afforded the benefit of your organizations routine data backup processes but password control is far more secure than paper files easily viewed and moved by others.
  • No more miss-files or files “out” when you need them.
  • Faster response to customer’s requests can reduce selling time and for payables disputes, improve cash flow.

To get more specific information or contact us to get help with your particular document problems from the storage and digital conversion experts at Graphic Sciences call 1.800.397.6620. We can develop a solution to meet your needs.