Document Storage & Retrieval

Get Secure Off-Site Storage For Your Records and Retrieval Methods That Fit Your Needs

Do you have important records that need safe storage?

  • Medical
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Legal files
  • Contracts etc.

Graphic Sciences provides records storage services in a secure yet accessible environment. You can store your records off-site with 24–hour / 7–day access to them. Your records can be open or closed cartons, paper or microfilm or whatever other data media you may have. Our building has secured access and fire protection. We can handle all jobs – large or small. We can provide permanent retention or work with your requirements regarding retention periods and document destruction.

GSI can set up retrieval methods to meet your needs – from finding a specific carton to finding a specific piece of paper. Your records can be delivered to authorized personnel via fax or e-mail or hand delivered within the Detroit Metro area. Retrieval response times can be arranged for 4 hours, same day or next day delivery or pickup. We can provide records storage as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with our scanning or microfilming services. Our pricing is competitive and we do not have permanent removal fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.

  • How much does it cost to store and retrieve documents?

    There are several cost components to the typical pricing formula. The initial pickup and log in of all boxes monthly storage fees usually applied per box retrieval fees based on method and response time. Requests for retrievals can be made via, e-mail, phone, fax or website. Delivery of the requests can be made by a physical delivery of the box, file or document or electronic transmission. The retrieval speeds can range from virtual immediate delivery electronically to next day. We tailor the pricing to meet your particular requirements.

  • Can documents be retrieved on the weekends?

    Yes, but there are different procedures for weekend or after hours access.

  • How do I know that only those authorized to access the documents have access to them?

    All customer access can be “password protected”. Prior to initiating our services, the methods of communication must be defined and documented.

  • What do customers need to do to make the best use of our services?

    It is very important for our customers to have detailed inventories of the contents of the boxes we store for them. Our pricing is based on a per retrieval charge that assumes that we will locate the desired box or document within the box within a few minutes. We maintain a data base that shows the exact location of every box in our Records Center and our customers maintain their own inventory details that can confine their retrievals to a specific box or boxes.

  • What if a retrieval request is made and the desired file cannot be found?

    Every reasonable effort will be made to locate a file. If the file cannot be located, we contact our customer to verify the request and discuss what further action may be required. More extensive efforts can be made to locate a file or document, but the charge for this service will be made on a hourly basis.

  • How can I be sure my documents are safe?

    Document security begins from the moment they are in our possession. All Graphic Sciences employees are background checked, have signed confidentiality agreements and follow security measures outlined in our Standard Operating Procedures. Our facilities are alarm protected for unauthorized access and fire protection, and are available for your personal inspection.