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Microfilm Preservation

Preserve, Protect and Duplicate Your Microfilm.

Microfilm remains the media of choice for the preservation of long term or permanent document retention. Produced and stored properly, microfilm has been tested to last 500 years. However, wear from use and certain chemical reactions, can render microfilm unreadable over time. All microfilm collections should be reviewed annually to determine if corrective action is required. Conditions such as Vinegar Syndrome and Redox when not treated will worsen over time and should be treated.

Graphic Sciences is a Certified Kodak Document Conversion Center and our trained staff can assist you in determining if either of the above conditions are present in you microfilm collection.

One method of preventing further loss of readability is microfilm duplication or reproduction to silver based microfilm.

Graphic Sciences provides the following duplication and reproductions services.

  • 16mm to 16mm
  • 35mm to 35mm
  • 35mm to 16mm
  • 35mm Aperture Card to 35mm
  • 105mm to 16mm
  • 105mm to 105mm

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