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Graphic Sciences
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Microfilm Scanners / Readers / Printers

You Can Digitize Your Microfilm and Microfiche.

Graphic Sciences supplies digital microfilm scanners that lead the industry in micrographics & microfilm performance. We offer a full range of scanning solutions to choose from, delivering fast image display from multiple micrographics formats. Our scanners feature high-quality viewing on standard and wide screen displays and fast, cost efficient printing on plain paper to satisfy workflow and customer demands.

We supply a quick and simple way to bring your microfilm and microfiche information into the digital era. Our scanners read, print, scan and digitize at a cost that will fit your budget.

Graphic Sciences is a factory authorized sales and service dealer for Konica Minolta, Canon and ST Imaging digital microfilm scanners and microfilm reader printers. We also carry a line of refurbished microfilm reader-printers to help fit your budget needs.

To get more specific information or contact us to get help with your particular document problems from the storage and digital conversion experts at Graphic Sciences call 1.800.397.6620. We can develop a solution to meet your needs.